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St. Bernard's Catholic School

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Dear First and Second Grade Parents,
Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Smith and I were talking the other day about the progress that our young students have made this year. They've learned the basics of how to read, and they are interested in all the wonders that books can hold. As you know reading ability is a key to success, but there are simply not enough hours in a day at school for childrent to practice. Readin at home is important for every child, especially English language learners. So, here are some suggestions to strengthen reading.
  1. Try to make the nightly homework of reading a  pleasant experience. Have your child read aloud to you while you prepare dinner. They may even read to a favorite stuffed animal or little sister.
  2. Reading easy material is just fine. Remember your child has had a full day at school and is tired. It takes a lot of energy to sound out (decode) several words on a page of print, so easy in the evening is just fine. Reading material that is too difficult can cause regression.
  3. There are many words in English that can't be sounded out, so tell your child a word if he/she is stuck. THen jot that word down, put it on the refrigerator, and turn it into a sight word.
  4. You can do shared reading with your child. You read a page and your child reads the same page or the next...
  5. Let your child take a  "picture walk" to the end of a story and wonder about the picture on each page. Tell your child to think about the title. This way she will have a good idea about what the story is about before reading teh first word.
  6. Change the books that your child ahs on his book shelf at home. I've noticed at school when we put away the old and show them teh new titles, our students read more because thier interest is sparked.
  7. Take your child to the library once a month to get a new bag of books. It's free and we guarantee it would be family fun too.

We hope this helps to give you some ideas. Next time WRITING!!

St. Bernard's Catholic School