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St. Bernard's Catholic School

Literature and English

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Ms. C. Foreman
Room 17
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Beginning this Friday, September 30, 2005 and continuing on every Friday thereafter..... students will have a combination Vocabulary and Story Test.  Students will no longer have two separate test.

WARNING !!     Homework assignments are written daily on the board in Room 17.  The list below should NOT be used as a primary location for obtaining homework assignments.   I will update this list frequently, however, assignments can and will be changed as needed.  Students will be held responsible for what is written on the board at the end of their class time.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

6th Grade
Mon., Oct. 3
   Read pgs. 102-105
   Answer Questions pg.106
   Spelling 3 times each
Tues., Oct. 4
    Practice Book pgs 29-31
    Spelling ABC order
Wed., Oct. 5
    Practice Book pgs 32-33
    Spelling sentences
Thurs., Oct. 6
    Practice Book pgs 34-35
    Study for Story/Vocabulary  Test
    Spelling story
Fri., Oct.7
    Personal Narrative
Novel -
     Read Ch. 9-12 pgs 146-160
       Complete Review - due on 10-13

7th Grade
Mon., Oct. 3
    Read pgs 67-73
   Questions pg. 73 (1-8)
Tues., Oct. 4
    Writer's Choice pg. 392
       Exercises 1 and 2
Wed., Oct. 5
   Write vocabulary words, part
      of speech and definitions
      5 times each
   Writer's Choice pg. 393
      Exercise 3
Thurs., Oct. 6
    Study for Story/Vocabulary Test  
    Grammar Worksheet pgs. 349-350
Fri., Oct. 7
     Complete Project - Write
        About an Experience
        Writer's Choice pg. 23
     Read Ch. 20-27 pgs 139-192
     Complete review
     Due on Thursday, Oct. 13

8th Grade
Mon., Oct. 3
      Read pgs 61-68
      Answer Questions pg 68 (1-8)
Tues., Oct.4
     Writer's Choice pg. 394
        Exercises 1 and 2
Wed., Oct. 5
     Write vocabulary words, part
       of speech, and definitions
       6 times
     Writer's Choice pg. 395
        Exercise 3
Thurs., Oct. 6
      Study for Story/Vocabulary Test
      Grammar Worksheet
          pages 349-350
      Second Part of Project
          pages A - H  Due tomorrow
Fri., Oct. 7
       Work on Project -
          Alphabetical Autobiography
      Read Ch. 16-19 pgs 168-212
         Complete Review due - 10-14

Late homework will NOT receive credit!!


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